Sensual Seed Oracle Cards
Sensual Seed Oracle Cards

Sensual Seed Oracle Cards

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Christine Ford is a counsellor, hypnotherapist, and the creator of Sensual Seed Oracle Card Deck. Since 2004, Christine has been exploring the world of metaphysics and healing to find the answers that she was looking for but could not find in traditional wisdom. In the process, she came across and used many oracle card decks. She felt awed by how powerful they were but was disappointed to not find any centered around self-care and sensuality. That’s when Christine knew she had to create one!

Intuition, or your sensual seed, is your inner voice. It is that strong sense of knowing, gut feeling or sixth sense. It is knowledge, guidance or wisdom from within.

Sensual Seed Oracle Card Deck is a powerful tool to connect with this inner voice of the Divine Feminine within, who knows everything, and always has the perfect guidance.

Each card in the deck comes with a vivid hand painted acrylic on canvas image to inspire and uplift your mood. The images are accompanied by beautiful channeled messages.

Sensual Seed Oracle Card Deck seeks to inspire women to connect with the beauty of their True Nature. Connecting with your Sensual Seed is about developing a sensual and fulfilling relationship with your True Self.

When you are fully connected with your Soul’s voice, you begin to live from a place of love; releasing all fears and negativity into the Universe. In such a state, success and happiness happen effortlessly.