H2GLO Crystal Water Bottles
H2GLO Crystal Water Bottles
H2GLO Crystal Water Bottles
H2GLO Crystal Water Bottles

H2GLO Crystal Water Bottles

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Crystal lab's rose quartz crystal elixir bottle charges + energises your h20 with the healing power of your crystal’s vibration to promote self love, attract love + support all kinds of love. Embody rose quartz healing properties to enhance the energy of your water. Rose quartz emits a soft, gentle energy full of support + comfort. It’s an incredibly nurturing stone that attracts all forms of unconditional love.

Crystal lab's jade crystal elixir bottle charges + energises your h20. Embody jades healing properties to enhance the power of the universe within you, by tapping into its life giving combination of water combined with earth. Jade is a protective stone that symbolises serenity + purity. It signifies wisdom gathered in tranquillity, whilst increasing love + nurturing.

Each H2GLO water bottle comes with a neoprene cover in a beautiful gift box.

Our intention is for your crystal elixir bottle to become a part of your wellness ritual, as it acts as a vessel to remind you to give yourself permission to stop + re-connect with every sip.

The vessel is consists of a thick insulated glass to help keep your crystals safe + your h20 hot or cold.

The base is removable + allows you to interchange your crystals with our crystal kits to suit the mood, intention + vibration your want to charge your body with.

Tea infuser (included) is removable, so you can add the healing powers of herbal tea to your crystal charged h20.

Crystals have been used around the world for thousands of years  for protection, to manifest love, promote luck + restore health! Several scientific studies have proven that you can change the molecular structure of water using the vibration of your thoughts words + music.