Crystal Kit Earth Angel
Crystal Kit Earth Angel
Crystal Kit Earth Angel

Crystal Kit Earth Angel

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For the earth angel in you - use this crystal kit to stay centred + grounded.

Includes 200 grams of mixed tumble stone crystals: 

Smokey quartz is a grounding - a stabilising crystal that works to neutralise any negative vibrations from the body + give them back to the earth for renewal.

Green fluorite - the crystal of growth + renewal. Can enhance personal growth + connection to nature. It dispels negative energy especially from your environment + re-energises the atmosphere.

Black tourmaline - when the world becomes overwhelming,this spiritual stone can be used as your anchor.


Crystals aren’t made to rattle around in your pocket... Put them to use. Here are some creative ways to get started!

Crystal grid: Add these earth stones to compliment + ground your intentions.

H2glo crystal drink bottles: To anchor from the inside out using your crystal

Meditation: Hold in hands during meditation to assist with mind chatter.

Body: Place crystals on each of all 7 chakra's to reconnect with the earth.

Skin: Energise your favourite skin care by adding a tumble stone. 

Home: Place around your home both inside + out to assist with feeling safe + stable.