A Ceremony Called Life

A Ceremony Called Life

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When we gather in ceremony—to welcome a newborn, celebrate a marriage, or bid farewell to those we’ve lost—we are fully present to our experience and in touch with the deep meaning that feeds our souls. Imagine how our lives might change if we brought the same loving attention to every ordinary moment. This is the invitation of A Ceremony Called Life.

For anyone searching for a greater sense of purpose and connection, Tehya Sky deconstructs our most common spiritual ideas and empowers us to participate whole-heartedly in the magic and mystery of our human incarnation. With insights from her own journey, informed by the wisdom of her beloved teacher, life, Sky explores:

– Recalibrating our vision of spirituality and living in alignment with our heart’s truth
– Moving through the obstacles that keep us feeling separate from the Divine
– Embodying our sacred nature as both Creator and Created
– Discovering the miraculous through the mundane
– Engaging all of life as the spiritual practice

Every day is a rite of passage, gifting us endless opportunities to know ourselves better, see more clearly, love more fully, and create the good visions of our lives, writes Sky. Join the celebration with A Ceremony Called Life.