Kundalini Singing Bowl
Kundalini Singing Bowl

Kundalini Singing Bowl

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Chakra singing bowl gift set

Each singing bowl is approximately 8cm wide. Each singing bowl comes with a zip up pouch, bowl cushion and stick.

Each colour represents:

Crown - Violet - your connection to God and universe and  understanding of your place in the universe. Vibrates to note B.

Third Eye - Indigo - how you see yourself and others and how you perceive yourself and others. Vibrates to note A.

Throat - Blue - communication and expression. Vibrates to note G.

Heart - Green - love, expression of heart's desire, joy. Vibrates to note F.

Solar Plexus - Yellow - emotional seat of living, personal sense of power. Vibrates to note E.

Sacral - Orange - sexuality, creativity, trust, life force energy, relationships. Vibrates to note D.

Root/Base - Red - motivation, inspiration and grounding foundation of love, fear, insecurity and anger. Vibrates to note C.